1 year ago

Sinorock rock anchor system has long been the preferred supplier for the most advanced applications

As a new construction technology, rock bolts have been gradually popularized and applied to retaining wall in recent years and have solved some technical problems in the anchor read more...

2 years ago

The surrounding grout cover acts as corrosion protection-Sinorock rock anchor

Sinorock is the supplier of rock anchor systems.We supply couplings, hollow core drill bits and other hardware for ground support and shoring anchors.We also manufacture ground read more...

2 years ago

Self drilling anchor bolt can adapt to different and complex geological and construction conditions

Sinorock is your one-stop source for all types of anchor bolts. Regardless of the material, plating, or testing requirements; we can make it happen! Our anchor bolts experts w read more...

2 years ago

Self drilling anchor is irreplaceable in narrow construction environment.

During the constructions of underground works, it is very common to encounter soft rock, fractured zone and large deformation due to high ground stress. In the case of serious collapsing,

2 years ago

Sinorock is the best partner for safe self-drilling anchor products

We’re Sinorock, safe self drilling anchor bar products manufacturer that is leading the way in ground control technology for the mining, tunneling and civil construction read more...